Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why I love Jessie...

I would like to start a new thread, just as a change of pace;

I would like anyone who has an interesting Jessie story and share it on this thread.

I'll start.

(It's not exactly a story, but it's one of the first thoughts that come to mind whenever I think of Jessie.)

One thing that always amazes me is that Jessica has an amazing memory - people's names/events/what they were wearing. At least to me, she could be a walking version of Facebook.

There have been countless times, when we're attending parties, and the names of people whom I don't see on a regular basis, escape me, and I always have her at my side to remind me who they are.

She also has the ability to recall very obscure (at least obscure enough to me) stories when we're chatting about something, sometimes out of left field, but it almost always starts out, "...oh, wait, this is funny..." - and it always is.

And one last thing, I can always count on Jessie to have a camera. I'm ashamed to admit this, but a good portion of the pictures from my 20-somethings have been furnished from Jessie's camera.

I love you Jessie - and I hope you beat the snot out of this "Bastard".



  1. Dear Ray,
    You share this thought with everyone else, they're always like, "How the HELL does she remember this stuff?!?" I'm glad we met and we never let go of each other. Thank you for being here with me. Everyone reads this gift you set up for me, those close really appreciate it, they know what I'm going through and are inspired by it as well. I love you man...can I have your liver? :o)
    Jessie :o)

  2. Here's a funny story about Jessica. It's not the only reason I love her, but it's one of them. I remember we were at a restaurant. It was Jessica, Ray, myself, and I believe there were a couple of other people, but can't remember. We were settled at the table, eating our meals, and Jessica was about to launch into one of her stories. Ray said something like, "Is it gross? If it's gross I don't want to know now, because I'm eating."

    Jessica said, "No, it's not that bad." Then she starts with, "We were in Human Anatomy lab dissecting cadavers..."

    Then Ray said something like, "Wait a second. You start your story with 'we were dissecting cadavers...' and it's not gross?"

    Needless to say, Jessica didn't get to finish her story. I love you Jessica!!


  3. Hi! It's Sue again. I don't know why Ray's blog says "Anonymous said..." I'm not anonymous. I'm Sue, or Susan Maddela. :)

  4. Ski Trip

    I think it was our freshman year in high school. I convinced Jess to come on a school ski trip, even though neither of us had skied before. "You see little kids skiing all the time. How hard can it be, right?"

    We had our little mini lesson from one of the instructors, and got pretty confident on the bunny hill. It was time to get on the lift and go on a real hill. I don't really think Jessica wanted to do this, but there we were, chatting away as the chair lift scooped us up.

    "Wow! It's beautiful up here. Oooh, look at that! Jess. Jess? JESS!?!" Will all of my talking, I had not realized that Jessica had not quite made it on the chair lift. I looked over my shoulder back at the bottom of the hill, and I couldn't see her. Ohmygod! What am I going to tell her parents?

    I got to the top and waited. I figured Jess would just get on the next chair up, right? After what seemed like hours, I got really scared that Jess was hurt, because I had no idea how long I had been talking to myself, so I don't know at what point she fell off the lift. I went down the hill and started looking for her.

    The next thing I know, I hear "JENNNNNYYYYYY!" as Jessica goes sailing past me, laughing and yelling the whole way. We spent the rest of the day on the bunny hill.

    Just wait, Jessica. I've got plenty of other stories. You're going to wish you never told me about this blog. Love you lots!