Saturday, August 28, 2010

Food fest

Saturday August 28th, 2010

This morning started with Jenny making Pillsbury Cinnamon buns and decaf coffee. How much salt is in a bun? I don't know and didn't care @ that time. Bad girl, I'll suffer when I'm bloated. I mostly ate the tops with the frosting. :o). Then Judy comes in with...Bagels and other baddies but goodies from Einstein Bagels. I was already full from the other breakfast items I snacked on, plus I only got an hour sleep since I had input my blog from yesterday.

Joyce & her family were coming later and was bringing lunch. I called Paul and told him NOT to bring anything. When they arrived, they had made 2 large dishes with rice and dessert. I don't think Paul got the call because he showed up with several Subway sandwiches. There's days where you wonder what your next meal will be, then there's days where there's more food than you know what to do with.

Later Cathy came by and nibbled on some adobo and believe it or not, we ordered a medium pizza, half pepperoni, half sausage. I only had 2 small pieces and an Ensure, the rest was eaten by Joyce's daughter & husband and Marie. One meal we polished off without leftovers.

Joyce showed me the new blog site and it's beautiful. Ray, did you do this? It's amazing. My coworkers are working on something for me and needed pictures of my cats. Gus & Joyce worked with the computer and were able to send them pics. So much for running a hard copy over, I really need to pick up on my computer skills and get over my fear of them. I guess since I accidentally downloaded "spyware" on an old one because it kept popping up & I thought it was important, I'm either gullible or stupid or both.

Just taking it easy tonight. Hopefully I'll have more energy next week. Taking a shower still takes about an hour, especially when I have to wash my hair. I wonder if it's thinning, when I comb through it with my fingers with the conditioner, quite a bit comes out. I still have quite a bit on my head so it could be deceiving. A lot of my white hairs are showing, why can't they all fall out & I don't have to worry about trying to dye my hair. It's been several months. I was told by our neighbor to check with the oncologist if the chemo I'm on allows me to get my hair dyed. If it's possible, maybe she can give me some color so I don't look my age.

I'm going to be bad and maybe hit a piece of leftover French Silk Pie, okay and I'll throw in a piece of fruit. Maybe that's the cause of my belly aching last night. I've been eating pretty decent most of the week, if you fall off the wagon, fall hard and do it with good food. Maybe I'm doing better, my bad appetite is coming back. Hey, food is my vice, I gave up alcohol back in May and I never smoked.

May you too enjoy lifes simple pleasures but don't overindulge.

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  1. >>Joyce showed me the new blog site and it's beautiful. Ray, did you do this?

    Glad you like it. Thought it needed a little sprucing up.