Saturday, August 21, 2010

Waaaah! Ricky!

Saturday August 21st, 2010

Boy do I need to see a nutritionist. I have to take in calories to keep my strength up to deal with the chemo BUT I have to watch my salt intake. You don't realize how much it's in your favorite foods until you're told not to eat it.

For breakfast Jenny made Malt-o-Meal. I LOVE that stuff and gobbled it down. It's been a long time since I ate it.

I took a nice shower, since my belly went down, I was able to shave my legs while standing up. I had given up on shaving them for a while. Not to gross people out but I was also having a hard time wiping front to back, it'd take me several times but I'd get it done. How do pregnant women or people with big bellies do it? Is there a piece of equipment to aid in that simple everyday action, a hand extension? Maybe that's why bidets were invented.

My coworker, Kerry, picked me up to attend lunch with other coworkers @ Longhorn Steak House by the HIP, that's Harlem & Irving Park Plaza on the northwest side.I brought my pillow for my back and shawl, since my back still hurts for being upright too long & I get cold easily. Oh, it was so good to see coworkers again. Happy tears. I was given an inspirational journal by Evelyn and our boss put together a photo album together with some nice words from other coworkers. Dalla was funny, she wrote, "I hope your strength & smiles will help you fight "The Bastard". She also had given me a nice bracelet with an strong message. I ate something safe I think, glazed chicken with asparagus. It was nice chitchatting with everyone and their smiles and hugs keep telling me to hang in there.

Evelyn and her husband dropped me off and assisted me to the door. I was resting when Norine called to see if she & her husband could drop by since they were coming to the city for a gathering. I had known Norine since our UIC days. I was able to catch a nap before they arrived. She let me know that her mom survived breast cancer which inspired me too. Positive attitude, have something to live and look forward to.

Dad had made some spaghetti and garlic bread. Woo-hoo! However, my salt gestapo, Jenny, was home and monitored what I ate. I ate some noodles with a tiny bit of sauce & Italian sausage, with literally morsels of tomato and a light sprinkle of Parmesan cheese. OH THE AGONY OF NO FOOD! I followed it with peaches and washed it down with water. Somehow some Garrett's caramel popcorn jumped in my mouth too.

I rested again while my family prepared the goody bags for tomorrow's family reunion. Somehow a lot of religious items were sent to the house that Paul did not order. Jenny then took me shopping @ Carson's. Some special people's birthdays are coming up soon and I'm not sure how strong I'll be to go shopping after I get more chemo on Monday.

After we got home, I was working on my blog when "Single, White, Female" came on. Do you remember that flick from the 90's with Bridget Fonda? It's a disturbing film but I remember how people talked about it when it came out. Didn't every chick want the short red hairstyle she sported?

I'm back in touch with a cousin, she's my age, and had recently found a lump in her breast. She'll be having a biopsy this week, please keep Eileen in your prayers. She's also a bright, cheery person.

Anyway, it was a good day despite my liver, rib & back pain. I saw quite a few faces that I hadn't seen in a while. I did get to eat some foods I love. And I made it through yet another day. One day @ a time. Thank you God.

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