Friday, August 27, 2010

Feeling better

Thursday August 26th, 2010

After another restless night and having some breakfast, the weather was beautiful outside, sunny and cool. I wanted to try and go back to sleep, but the sun kept me up. The bodyaches I had the day before weren't so bad. I had to sneak Widdo his pain medication in his moist food. At first he wasn't having it, and danced around his plate, then Buddy and Hairy started circling like sharks, that's when Widdo dove in. The fun part later was getting the liquid Clindamycin in his mouth. It's one cc which doesn't seem like a lot, but to a Chihuahua that hates meds, I don't know if what he's flicking out of his mouth is medicine, since it's clear, or saliva, because he needs to puke. His snout is doing better and he's growling @ Hairy & Buddy when they chase each other. You think it's for cute play, then they get into the "position" and that's when we interfere. "HEY, HEY, HEY!" Why you may ask? Because they're 2 male cousins dogs, enough said. When I lived at home and we only had Miss Cleo, my black female cat, and Buddy was a young one, about 9 years ago. We'd catch Buddy doing my cat. He'd be going to town with this big ol' grin on his face and she'd have this look on her face like she'd rather be doing the New York Times Crossword puzzle (smart cat). Anyway, I told my coworkers and they'd ask, "So did your cat have any puppies yet?"

Dad went to spend a day with his girlfriend, Joan. He deserves it, he spends so much time caring for me, I know he's not sick of me, but he needs time for himself and for her, so basically I had the day to myself. I spent the day on the phone, it was a VA phone marathon. I usually see my coworkers 40 hours a week but I haven't seen some in over 2 months. We'd talk every day, all the different departments, it's nice to catch up, some good stories, some not so good, but we're one big family and pray and support each other through our rough times. We especially miss each other's laughter and smiles.

I did get a few rows done in my latch hook project. I'm not sure that I'm putting all the colors in the right spot, we'll see how the finished product turns out. It's a floral print and maybe I can fudge the top with all the left over yarn that I misplaced earlier in the design. Somehow I don't recall these being this intricate with a color chart and guide, then again, our mom had gotten us panda bears, cats or more simple designs.

I had some of Jenny's cheese ravioli leftovers for lunch, I scraped the excess sauce off the top but dug out some tomatoes and tiny bits of meat. It's from Amici's on north Milwaukee. I've driven past that place a few times and she finally went with her friend the night before. That food was good, F.Y.I. She said that the interior was nice too.

David came home around 2pm so my "Home Alone" time was over. It was peaceful, I didn't have an appt., I didn't have to run anywhere, I wasn't achy, like the song says, "Enjoy the Silence". We'll it wasn't too silent, I love CSI: Las Vegas with William Peterson (a Chi-town native that Paul has seen in a few grocery stores nearby & my coworker Bill saw in a few plays) and the Miami one. The New York one is so-so, but it does have Gary Sinise. I had put on the Spike channel and got hooked.

This is what you get when you're raised by a pathologist and a nurse that liked true crime magazines, black & white gruesome pictures and all. Mom let us read them when she took us on errands. She's also was the one who raised us on horror films and would take us to the Riviera, when it was a theater, at night: a) It was cheap tickets for 10 plus kids, she'd take the neighborhood kids too, and b) they're would be double features like, "The Chilldren", "Prom Night", "Don't Go In The Woods Alone", etc.. She'd take us to the Luna too, old theaters that were scary, and it was terrifying just to go down the dark, carpeted spiral staircases to the basement to use the bathroom. Once our dad dropped us off @ the Riv, we had to step over a bum lying on the sidewalk and while in the theater, mom told us to keep our feet up, rats were running up and down the aisle. She also had pointed out that people were doing drugs behind us.

This was fun for us, now everything is so sterile and only "happy thoughts" are allowed in homes. My siblings and I used to stay up scaring each other with stories of "Cat Woman" not the Batman version. She'd come into your room @ night and claw @ your feet with her sharp nails. I believed she existed, we had kittens and one would attack your feet constantly through the bedsheets. I put it out of the room & woke to find my feet bloodied again. 20 plus years ago I was telling this story to Jenny, who's bed is directly across from the door, feet first. Then we heard someone come in the front door late @ night, then silence, we were quiet wondering who it was, we whispered that it's Cat Woman, then our sister Cathy opened the door and yelled. We screamed so loud, then we started laughing enough to wake our brother a few doors away, who got pissed. We used to make haunted houses in the basement or someone's bedroom, we'd watch scary movies in the basement, before it was refinished and the t.v. was in the corner furthest from the stairs going up. One sucker would be left behind to turn off the t.v. while the rest of us would run to the stairs. Our older brothers with the longest legs would make it to the top of the stairs, turn off the lights then yell, "THE DOOR WON'T OPEN!!!" and the younger ones stuck @ the bottom would start screaming and crying, or maybe that was just me.

Gabe had come by after work to help me with my pictures that didn't download from the other day. I really have to pick up more computer skills with all the folders and c drives, so simple for many, worse than a foreign language to me. I'll have to take notes or maybe he can start me off with the basics. When I graduated nursing school in 1993, we had floppy discs. I had a project to do @ work a few years ago and had to deal with a memory stick. Thank God my coworkers worked on that project with me, I knew how to stick the darn thing in & that's all about it. Gabe had to go back to work later that night, I offered for him to take a nap, he started dozing while working on the computer, but he said he'd be fine. He had taken me to get Brown's chicken for dinner for my family. I offered him some grub but he's a 2 meal a day man. He did take a corn fritter and had some water. Don't worry, I took the best part of the chicken off before I ate, the skin (grumble, grumble, low salt diet), and had some cole slaw which I mixed in the warm mashed potatoes, no gravy, in case I couldn't tolerate the cold. Somehow I don't think that's affecting me as much, but I don't want to experience the severe discomfort I've been warned about with the throat cramping and cold food items.

More family came home just in time to eat & watch "Jersey Shore", trash that we got hooked on. I gave Widdo his evening dose of meds and went to bed early. There was a part of the night after I got up to use the bathroom when I started having stomach pain and couldn't sleep for a while. Again, I'm praying that it's the chemo killing the cancerous cells, they say that one way they can tell is if my liver is getting softer. Please let it be. I did fall asleep again after changing positions several times and repositioning my pillows. I get a wake up call when Jenny gets Marie up @ 6:15, sometimes I'm able to doze off again, sometimes not. UGH! I'm more vampiric now than ever, dark circles around my eyes, pale due to low blood counts, up @ night, I resemble Nosferatu (except I have pink nails with smiley faces on my toes rather than his nasty nails) more those glamourous vampires in Twilight. Have a good day/night, whatever time it is. :o) ZZZZZZZZZZZ.

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