Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Tuesday August 31st, 2010

I'm glad you're able to find me again. I didn't know of the situation of my blog not being where it used to be, I was able to find it somehow until people started calling me. Ray fixed that problem. Thanks Ray.

My technical difficulties started Sunday where I was just VERY uncomfortable and my abdomen had been getting larger. Is it ascites again? Am I just severely constipated? I was still eating. I was checking my ankles for swelling and if I had wet lungs. I know I wasn't "moving" like I should, then again, I'm eating several small meals. I started taking my Colace and prunes and felt bad that I couldn't be peppier around our guests. I guess all the fruit and veggies I've been taking in isn't enough. Believe you me, this is the healthiest I've been eating.

Sunday during the night I was up more than not in the bathroom, moving and grooving. Yeah! However come Monday morning, I was even more bloated and boy was my abdomen painful for most of the day. That's why I didn't blog, I was worn out from the pain and discomfort and who wants a whole day of someone praying to pass gas? Sorry if I'm grossing you out again, I do cross the line once in a while. Maybe I should've asked my sister to pick up something for it. I don't want to be a pill popper, you take one pill for this but for that side affect, take that pill. Let nature take its course. Thank goodness my family is now out most of the day and my dad is hard of hearing. :o) Maybe I'm stupid because my symptoms could've been relieved a lot sooner if I did take another pill. Our dad had bought me a scale to weigh myself to see if I'm putting on too much weight too soon, I'm still 147 lbs, so I'm assuming it's not the ascites? I did finally put the puzzle glue on the 1,000 piece puzzle before that gets accidentally knocked over. I'd freak if it'd fall apart. I think the box cover had been tossed out. I put the names of those who helped me work on it on the back and the date it was finished.

Monday night, same thing, bowels moving in the middle of the night. The advantage, no one else is up and the bathroom is available. The disadvantage, I don't get my sleep. My belly was feeling less tight but it's still hard to sleep, I had the munchies again which I sated with a bowl of cereal and then this roundness of an abdomen is hard to get a comfortable position with. The back pain still creeps in and the "rubbing" of ribs against my insides doesn't help. I sat up and worked on my photo albums thus organizing some of the things I brought from home.

Today one of my coworkers came to visit, Paulette. She's such a sweetheart. She brought some bacon buns, peach turnover and flowers. She had brought a special gift which she had gotten 15 years ago. She blessed my liver with this gift. She had blessed her friend with a brain tumor with the same gift and now her friend's tumor is shrinking. While I was laying down to relieve my back pain, I told her that I felt a weird tickling, tingling sensation in my liver while we had been talking. I hope it's a good thing. After she left I laid down in the bed and was able to get some relief from my back pain. I did take a nap. When I awoke I was thinking about the lysing of the cancer cells and called the lab @ the VA. I asked Renee if they can pray for the hemolysis of my cancer cells and everytime they get a hemolyzed specimen from the ER that the tumors shrink. I should be cured by the end of the night, just teasing. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

It's funny, yesterday I was all bloated with abdominal pain, today it's all back and rib pain, both sides. The abdominal pain is there but not as bad as the back pain. I wonder if I get in a pool if all this heaviness inside would just float and I'd be relieved from pain and shortness of breath. Then I can get a big dunking tank and sit in there all day. I'm trying not to always use a pillow on my back or lie flat on my back but most of the time it's the only position that works. I don't need bed sores in addition to everything else I have going on. I try to lay on my sides as tolerated. Or I could just take the Tramadol I've been prescribed. Getting rid of the cancer would be the optimal goal. I would LOVE to have an entry like that, "Thanks for all your prayers, well wishes and kindness and FYI, the BASTARD has left the building."

I do hope to feel better, my brother asked if I'd be up for Taste of Polonia this weekend @ Lawrence and Milwaukee. We've been attending the fest for the past several years, as long as I got my ride, a wheelchair, I'm set to go. They used to serve Okachim (sp?) but they had a different beer last year. Either way, I won't be having any. They have platters you can buy with potato pancakes, pierogis, Polish sausage, and cabbage rolls. That'd be well over my 2gm Sodium diet but just a taste of everything would cure my craving. I'll leave you with the thought of good Polish food.

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