Friday, July 30, 2010

Whirling dervish

Thursday July 29th, 2010

Today I had another appt. for labs. This nausea and dizziness was taking it's toll on me. It's hard trying to stand & wash up in the sink without wavering too much. At least I brushed my teeth sitting down. Trying my best to look stable in front of the family. I did tell them in case I ended up on my butt. I keep the bathroom door open, I'd hate the thought of being stuck behind it on the floor.

Joan, dad's girlfriend, had come to take me. It was fun giving directions when my vertigo was kicking in but we made it to UIC's parking lot. The extra stimulation from traffic, the wide open spaces, and people walking in different directions really made my head spin & the nausea worsen. The Compazine didn't work so I took a "Queasy Drop". I leaned on Joan from the parking lot until we saw a doc who knew me from the VA & now works in the onc clinic. He was kind to get us a wheelchair while we found a bench. I just couldn't see straight.

We made it to the clinic where they quickly got my labs & VS. I was dehydrated, my heart rate went up when I stood up but my blood pressure dropped. I told them of my dizziness and nausea being worse. Plus I was cautious about intaking more fluids since I had that crackles in my lungs the last time. They got me in the back right away for more fluids. Vera came & saw that I was almost wretching continuously and ordered 5 mg of Baclofen, a muscle relaxant. My tumor is putting pressure along my diaphragm and the medication did work after a while. I did feel a little better with the fluid, plus I dozed off for a bit. I think the dizziness was pretty much my vertigo, I had the ringing in my ear slightly. It might be something I have to deal with each chemo session for a few days. I was told that my Phosphorus was low and my hemoglobin is trending down but they're going to watch it. Having basic electrolytes off kilter can make one feel crappy too. I learned that the hard way in college, drinking too much Maalox while studying and dealing with heartburn. The nurse recommended that I drink more milk. No problem for me. Other than that, the rest of my labs were decent. We rolled on back to the garage in my styling borrowed red wheelchair. I'm not above riding in one if I need one.

On the way home, we stopped @ Suzy's Beef on Montrose. I ordered safe food, chicken in a pita and an Oreo shake. Well I don't know how safe the shake was but it called to me. Joan got the chicken too & a Black Cow. We went home to eat & now I know my brother, Joe, would be able to take me every other Thursday if I have appts., he was over visiting & told me his schedule. I thanked Joan profusely for everything she did for me that morning. When you feel down & helpless and can have someone to lean on for support, literally, it's a big emotion that gets to you. I'm not a light person to tote around. I took 2 bites of the sandwich but sleep was calling me. That Baclofen was stilll working. I again thanked her & took a nap.

Later, my friend from UIC & nursing classmate, Maria, called. She was in the area & wanted to stop by with her husband. I said it was fine, I'm not in my shining glory & was in my nightgown. Basic chemo attire @ home on lousy days. She said to just throw a robe on. She's used to patients as well, we're all nurses. I did put my clothes back on for their visit. David was home @ the time and we were able to chit chat. I wouldn't be able to make it to their daughter's first birthday party, I have my goddaughter's that same day. I hope I'm up for that as well. It'll be the weekend after my smaller chemo dose, I hope that doesn't take me for a ride and if I'm able to get it in the first place depending on my labs. They showed me pics of their cutie pie. She's gotten so big. Unfortunately, sleep was calling me again, they understood. They have a relative also going through her cancer journey.

I napped again and was awoken to the aroma of Sloppy Joe's cooking. I had half a sandwich, I didn't want to push my nausea button. I did it without taking a Compazine, I was sleepy enough. I was able to eat some potato chips which has 4% of phosphorus :o), carrot sticks and water. I followed it with a pomagranite fruit bar and later with some cookie dough ice cream. I'll try to eat healthier tomorrow. I've got a date with that hummus. Speaking of dates, my sister & niece had a date to watch the premiere of Jersey Shore in Florida. I however spent that time catching up with my coworkers on the phone. Sharon had sent me more pictures of the staff telling me to hang in there & to keep my spirits up. It'd be nicer to see them in person. Maybe when my balance isn't off I can get Marie to drive us there. I think they'd rather meet up @ a restaurant instead.

Please, if you can continue keeping my brother & his family in your prayers too, that'd be great. Things are looking up, I hope they continue in that direction. Thank you and good night.

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