Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sad tears/ Happy Tears

Tuesday July 20th, 2010

This morning started off with the funeral of our mom's cousin in Whiting, Ind. I wish family could always get together for happy times but that's not always the case. Some cousins called me a "stinker" for coming all the way out there. I told them that after, what I found out, was a Monsignor who had blessed me the night before, I had slept well and had energy that morning. We found out that our cousin Paul was in the army and they gave him a military send off with the American flag draped over his casket and they played Taps on a bugle. Then they folded the flag and gave it to his wife. One cousin mentioned that each fold of the flag represents something, she had a copy of what it meant but was unable to find it. That'd be nice to know the symbolism behind it. We also found out that he's in the same cemetery as his parents, and in the same row as our uncle, aunt and our grandparents. It seems our family may dominate that section of the cemetery, his sister said that her & her husband's plots are in the same row as well. Before we left for the reception, my dad, brother, Paul, our Aunt Helen and I drove across the street to visit our mom, brother & the grandparents on our mother's side. We also found out who put the glass Virgin Mary candle holder in the tree by our mom & brother. It was Aunt Helen. She said that she placed it in the nook of the tree years ago and slowly over the years, the hole is closing up around it. Pretty cool.

It got me thinking (uh, oh). I know I'm working on getting my papers set "just in case" but should I also start thinking of that part of my life as well? I think we have another plot near our mom & brother, I thought it'd be for dad but I think he wants to be cremated and said he wants to be put in the Mississippi so his ashes could flow to the Gulf and around the world. When do I bring up this topic with my family? I want to set a certain amount aside and make some arrangements so no one's scrambling at the last minute and paying for this big expense. I'm already thinking about the readings and songs for my mass. I remember when our brother died that we had certain ones to choose from.

The reception was nice. We arrived a little later because of our stop off. Aunt Helen and I let everyone else go ahead in the food line, but by the time we got there, they ran out of the sauerkraut. Drat. Actually my bro, Paul, got the last scoop. At least I didn't have to worry about potential tummy problems on the way home. He saved me. It's nice to see the family come together. We're all promising to do our best to be @ the family reunion next month and some are making plans for Whiting's Pierogi Fest this weekend.

We got home and we took naps. Our friend, Sue, and her parents had arranged a gathering @ their home later that night. It was very nice. Gulliver's pizza was the main dish. If you hadn't had it, you should. I believe it's their pan pizza, any kind is the best. My high school junior prom date and Mother Hen One's first cousin, Darwin, was a surprise guest. Sue's brother was there and we finally got to meet his daughter for the first time. She's a beautiful blend of both mom & dad. His oldest son takes after him and his younger son reminds me of their mom. Our other friends arrived with their children and the kids hit it off right away. It was awesome. Some friends hadn't seen each other in about 15 years. These are the good memories I have to pull out when I'm having bad days and need a "pick me up". I really have to develop my pictures some day before my 2nd chemo dose. At least I can put an album together while laying out on the couch and my legs are feeling heavy. I wish we could laughter, hugs and kisses in a pouch and pull them out as needed.

Thank you God for another beautiful day.

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  1. Here's a link to an article about the meaning for each of the folds. It's not "officially" recognized, but has become tradition.