Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Calling all angels!

Wednesday July 22nd, 2010

Today was a decent day, went shopping with dad @ Kmart trying to find clothes to fit my belly without making me look too pregnant when I'm not. Should I use the pregnancy parking spots closer to the door? It's technically a growth of some sort, just not the one I wanted. Ah, we didn't use that parking anyway and I got some exercise by walking. I also tried to find a bra. Since losing back fat and boob fat, I have no idea what size I am. No Joyce, I think I'm still bigger than you, I hope. :o) I tried an exercise bra and a regular bra with comfortable looking straps. Remember, I have this portacath thing inside the right side of my chest that hurts if it's moved the wrong way. I think it had dissolvable sutures to keep in place. Don't think they've quite dissolved yet. Then I've got the CA right below the rib cage, it doesn't like any kind of pressure. I guess I'll be flapjacking in the wind. I did get a few colored dego/wife-beater undershirts and some cotton camisoles with the built in bar, I mean bra. Our niece, as she started to develop, I had bought her a top with the built in bra and a tag on it saying so. When she opened her gift she was excited and read the tag out loud but had read it as, "A built in BAR" Our brother, Paul, said that he'll take a shirt like that too. Cami's aren't very supportive but they'll do.

After dinner, dad was kind enough to take me home to hang with my kitties. I had brought the dogs along, it's been about 2 weeks since they last saw each other. I had all 3 cats in my bedroom and I got them purring again apologizing for not being there as often as I'd like. I want to see them more before I get laid out again from my 2nd round come Monday. I gathered more stuff to go through so it'll be less guess work if anyone should have to do it for me down the line.

The reason I entitled this "Calling All Angels" is that our sister-in-law had to be readmitted to the hospital on Monday. She was still feeling good, told my brother to go to work and dropped him off @ the airport. 4 hours later she came down with severe pain, pain she's never experienced before. Luckily her neighbor was home & got her back to the hospital. Our brother was trapped in another state with severe weather conditions and had to wait it out before he was able to get back home. Her pain was not relieved with the steroids that seemed to work for her the last time nor with the pain meds that they gave her. She was told that upon her MRI, they found a spot on her liver and needs another MRI. My brother informed me that she has an uncle with multiple myeloma too. She's having a hard time with this, and she sent our brother & her daughter home. He's really having a hard time with this too. I told him that he can come to us at anytime with the kids. Marie said that she'll do her best to be there for her cousins. it's hard for them to open up sometimes. I'm doing well enough right now so if you can divert some of your love and prayers to them that'd be awesome. They need it more than I. I hope she'll welcome visitors again sometime soon. Heck, I'll see if we can barge my way in to see her. I'll use my "cancer card" to see her and hopefully we can get them through this awful episode. Sisters in pain.

Speaking of pain, I saw Rocky III today with Mr. T as Clubber Lang. They interviewed him before his last battle with Rocky and reporters asked him, "Do you have any predictions about the fight?" Clubber's response was, "Prediction?...he looked into the camera and said snidely & slowly, "PAAAAINNN!" He also used his, "I pity the fool" line in the movie. I thought he just used that in the A-Team.

Thanks again if you can help my bro & his family in their time of need too.

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