Sunday, July 18, 2010

On the slow track back to a normal life?

Sunday July 18th, 2010

Sorry I haven't kept up this blog on a daily basis. I was catching up on other things, as small as the task may be, ie. writing "Thank You" cards for all the well wishes and prayers that lift my spirits, took some time. This pain, shortness of breath & cough limits me from sitting for long periodsof time and it's hard to write lying flat on my back. The vertigo that had hit me earlier this week slowly waned. Yesterday was the 1st day this week I was able to shower and feel stable while standing = I didn't have to use my shower chair. 2 nights ago I was also able to sleep on my left side and not have any pain or shortness of breath, it was a good night. I hadn't slept on my side, either side, in over a month which is very hard for a person who normally boogies in her sleep.

My energy level is slowly on the rise, I was able to take the dogs in the yard, going up and down the stairs, loaded the dishwasher, again, simple things we take for granted. I'm able to stay alert for longer periods of time too. YEAH!

This weekend had so much was going on. Our mom's cousin passed away in Indiana, our sister-in-law had a multiple sclerosis exacerbation (meaning flare up & f.y.i. she's doing better :o)), my goddaughter had her 1st birthday, and some good family friends had 2 graduations going on. My gut gives me grief (pain) when driving over potholes, speed bumps, etc., and I wasn't quite sure before the shower how my vertigo was going to treat me, so I stayed home and missed out on most of those events, not wanting to fall out and be huffing, puffing, coughing & being unable to lay down when the pain kicks in."Hey lady, what're you doing on the floor?" Some events were out in the suburbs too. I figure that if I have to go on a long car ride that I'd save my belly-bumping pain for the funeral.

This weekend turned out nice. Quite a few friends and my siblings came over the past few days. From watching "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", a very adult themed movie but pretty funny, to getting great advice on comfortable clothing that might fit my new uncomfortable shape, attending mass and playing with our nieces and my goddaughter. Oh I wish I could just hold her like I used to, let her fall asleep in my arms, hug her tightly on my lap, and squeeze her, but this painful lumpage prevents all that so I snuggle her while she's in another's arm and make weird noises on her neck. I hope she gets used to the purple sock monkey and not fear my dogs after today. The best was when our aunt called from the Philippines and have me tell my family to stop drinking alcohol (during the wrestling pay-per-view) but I was informed that on their recent trip there, they had provided my family with it. Hmmmn. I told her that they'd probably do it if she got a hearing aid. I don't think she heard that. Thanks to all who came to brighten my days.

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