Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A nice visit

Wednesday July 28th, 2010

I woke and took a nice long shower. I had used my shower stool just in case I wasn't fully recovered from my "wobbliness" from the day prior. It was with me but not as much. I was able to stand to wash my hair, it needed it. A good shower really perks one up and gets the blood circulating.

My friend, Odette, came by and had brought some yummy homemade hummus and other tasty items to go along with it. We didn't dig in right away but I've got plans for that. We chatted until Marie got ready to come with us. The nausea was waving it's ugly head so I took a Compazine just in case. We went to lunch @ the HIP, that's Harlem & Irving Park Plaza for those not familiar with the Northside. We dined @ Pizza Hut/Wing Street so we got the best of both worlds, a personal pan pizza, salad, cheesy garlic sticks with sauce, 8 wings, 2 flavors, and artichoke dip. Yes, 3 ladies attacked it but we didn't polish it off. We took the leftovers home. Waste not.

We then hit the Borders bookstore right there in the same lot. We all came home with a book or several. For the horde I brought home, I only paid about $65.00. They had a sale of books for $4.00-5.00 and other decent bargain books. I got a book by Joan Rivers, The Memory Quilt, Chicken Soup for the Cancer Survivors Soul & some books for Marie for being here for me and taking care of me. I thanked Odette for a nice day, spending time, for the food & getting me out of the house, even for a little bit. Sleep was calling me, that Compazine will do it but it also does it's job of keeping the nausea @ bay. Good.


I woke to dad making dinner. He found a nice organic grocery store in the suburbs called Mariano's. He said it's a cross between Costco & Jewel. They just opened a week ago. He was very impressed with the quality and cost of the food and the dress attire of the staff in black & white. The cookies are so fresh that they're still warm when they're placed in the box. The fruit is very big & tasty.

I made a few more phone calls, one to Odette to thank her again and to apologize for almost falling asleep, she understood. Then I was able to chow down. Dad had put out so much food, we'll save the hummus for tomorrow. Darn that nausea, but it had been more than 4 hours since my last dose, so I took another tablet. I'm averaging 2 tabs a day, not too bad. Marie's friend, Adam, came by to visit, it's nice seeing familiar smiling faces.

I'm trying to be up-to-date with my blogs before I try to get to bed early tonight, got more labs in the am. I hope the fluid in the lungs are lessened I didn't get the parsley but would a Pepsi do? I'll find out tomorrow. I also have to sneak Widdo his Benadryl in his food. He really doesn't like it in the syringe directly into his mouth so I'll have to buy more dog food to hide it in. He smelled it in the half can I gave him, I added more food & he took it down. It's hard
keeping his brother, Hairy, for sneaking morsels off Widdo's plate.

At little less drama today but getting out of the house was nice, as hot & humid as it was. I'm glad the vertigo wasn't as bad as the day before, I was able to shower, spend time with a good friend and family and eat good food. I also caught up with more coworkers, family and friends via the phone & computer. As you can see, I'm thanking God for every day I get. The cancer pain started in January, I was told "6 months to live" when I was diagnosed in June so technically I'm already past that 6 month time limit, I'm going off with the start of the pain, not the day it was diagnosed. I'm trying to keep an eye on my dog, even though I gave him his meds, I hope that Benadryl will work soon. I don't need to spend my night in the ER vet. Please no more drama & vet bills.


  1. Hey, Just thinking about you. How big is your Huber? (Get your minds out of the gutter.) I just ask cause it seems to bother you a lot. Back in the day we used to have multi sizes of Hubers, and could find one that would be as flush as possible and not stick out so much. But then again in this day and age of healthcare, there may not be as many options.

    I'm glad to hear about your Dad liking Mariano's. They just opened up here in Arlington Heights and I've been meaning to stop by. I've been frequenting Whole Foods more so because it's by M.E.'s school.

    Hope you have a good day today. Hugs and kisses from Arlington Heights, especially M.E.

  2. Dear Terri,
    My dad cannot stop singing Mariano's praises. You might get hooked on it like he did. They make their own freshly squeezed juices, the service, etc., he could do a promo for them.
    My Huber's are the pretty big ones, that jut out, maybe I'm exaggerating but no, it does. I've seen the more flush ones but I don't know if UIC carries them.