Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Typing while I can

Tuesday September 7th, 2010

I had a pretty decent labor day. In addition to our family getting together, Odette and her parents came to visit. She had made a delicious blueberry banana glaze cake, it's been a while since we've seen each other. I had worn a dress that Cathy & I purchased from the Salvation Army store a few months ago. It was complimented on by Odette and her family, they wondered if it was a Guatamalan design. I'm not sure, but I know we got it for about $2.00. Then our brother's girlfriend's parents came to visit from Door County, Wisc. Later Jenny's friend, Patty, came by with her mom and Marie's aunt came by with her boyfriend. We babysat the neighbors 3 kids. It was good food, and nice to see everyone have fun playing the yard and video games. I just had severe back pain and rib pain most of the day and evening, my abdomen was swollen too. Even a back massage from Jenny only temporarily helped. I absorbed the laughter, dancing and the smiles from everyone to get me through my difficulty times.

After another restless night, I went for my chemo today. I had most of a banana and a cup of milk, for an early breakfast. While waiting for the meds @ UIC I had a piece of the cake that Odette made and the Ensure with Rivigor for muscles. Cathy found that they sell that specific Ensure @ Walgreens. I was given the pre-meds of Aloxi and Decadron for nausea. I had taken my Lasix too. I was going to receive both Gemzar and Eloxatin today. My dad and I were placed in a room with a bed. I tried to get comfortable on the bed and that nasty back pain came by with a vengence. Dad tried to massage my back but then my rib pain wanted attention too. Dr. Mehta came and gave me a hug, he thanked me for the picture I gave him. I told him how my abdomen was swollen and he recommended that I take an additional 20 mg of Lasix in the afternoon. Vera, my NP, reminded me to check my vitals before I do.I asked her about back massages, she said that I don't have metastasis (the spread of cancer to the bones) nor am I at risk for blood clots so it'd be alright. I really have to watch my potassium intake with the increased dose. I told Maria, my nurse, about the pain and she was able to get a dose of Tramadol, the pain meds I was hesitant to take but broke down and took one. I also moved from the bed to the chair with the pillow behind my back. Dad kept dozing, I told him that he could sleep in the bed, but he didn't.

The tramadol started to work and I was able to do 3 rows of my latch hook rug. I mentioned to dad about getting lunch but he reminded me about the leftovers we had @ home. I didn't realize that we'd be done around 3 pm. By this time I was feeling dizzy, hot & cold, sweaty, weak, & nauseated. My chemo finished & I got my meds for home from pharmacy. Dad guided me to the lobby. I believe the Gemzar fever was starting and that I was hungry. He went to get the car. I nibbled on the other piece of cake that dad only sampled. Wow, the tartness from the blueberries jolted my jaw. This happened the last time I received the Eloxatin, whenever I ate certain fruits. On the way home, I was still sweaty and now my arms felt numb. I assumed it was the beginning of the peripheral neuropathy that also comes with the Eloxatin. Traffic wasn't too bad, we got home rather quick & dad got me in the house. I laid down right away & he got me something to nibble on. I ate a minute bit, called Jenny that she may need to help me more because the neuropathy was affecting me, I wanted my hands to control the fork and knife better but they were slow and felt weak. I cried because I was still sweaty, dizzy and nauseated. David was home and came in the living room where I was lying in the couch. He stayed with me until I fell asleep for 3.5 hours.

I woke to have 2 chicken wings for dinner and pineapples slices. I felt better and rechecked my blood pressure before I took the other Lasix dose. The BP was 101/73, and HR = 104. I held off because of all my perspiring. My arm and hands also were still numb, slow & tingling. My abdomen and back didn't feel that bad. While I started blogging, I was feeling a little dizzy again, I'll have another Ensure before going to bed and water. As I'm blogging, I'm sweating again. Maybe the Gemzar isn't done with me yet. I hope I feel better tomorrow. Please pray that I get through this rough patch. I'll try and wipe down with some disposable wet cloths. I don't know if I'd survive in the shower tonight, since the shower stool legs are still off kilter. Have a good night, I hope I do, somehow.


  1. Jess HANG in there! Saying a prayer and going to bed- TRULY grateful I can sleep and hoping you get some relief! xoxo Angela Spoden

  2. Jess, keeping you in my thoughts & prayers.
    This too shall pass...