Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gloves for the fridge

Wednesday September 8th, 2010

Woke up only once this am @ 4:30 am and had a hard time sleeping after that but I was able to sleep on both of my sides during the night so it was a pretty decent sleep, finally. No more sweating after I wiped off with aloe vera wipes last night. I nibbled on water and half a peach. ANY tartness still gets my jowls, woo-wie! I also noticed that my hands are a little jittery, again, I'm assuming it could be due to the neuropathy. I hope it goes away. I feel like I'm going through DT's. My legs felt a little heavy but that happens when I receive chemo. I'll have to mention this to Vera when I see her again. I had to start wearing my gloves to go into the fridge. I won't even attempt to drink or eat anything cold. Thanks Eloxatin. I'll be a glove-wearing, jittery turtle when my coworkers see me this weekend. With this weather change, I'm wondering if that's affecting my vertigo too. I felt a little off kilter when I finally got up around 8 am. Anyone want to trade places with me?

I had received some terrible news today around 10 am. I was on Facebook with an Officer @ work, he instant messaged me if I was sitting down. Then he informed me that "Press" had passed away last night. Then we got cut off. I called the ER right away and our clerk informed me that our Preston, in the ER, passed. There are other Prestons in the hospital. I couldn't believe it and repeated, "NO!" How could it be? He was always so active, surfing, playing tennis, taking his dog on long walks, fishing, he lost weight, quit smoking and he was recently planning another trip with 2 other buddies. He's always a friendly person, hard-working, telling jokes and navy stories, very helpful, he loved sharing the food and desserts he and his wife would make. He'd bring in his tortilla maker and we'd have quesadillas or his crockpot & have a multitude of other good food. He's just one of the people you look forward to seeing. I was crying since then and calling other coworkers. I felt I had more against me than he did. One coworker told me that now I have another angel over me. Our boss, Gloria, called to check on me to see how I was handling the news. Some coworkers were concerned how I'd take it, I told them that I'd rather know than not know about Preston. I was told he wore anti-cancer shirts almost every day. He gave me one before I left, it said, "Friends don't let friends fight cancer alone." I'll cherish that shirt even more now.

I was going to take my Lasix around noon but when I checked my vitals, the BP was low 101/64 but my heart rate was 131. The skin turgor on the back of my hands were a bit slow to snap back. I had perspired so much yesterday and cried since I recieved the sad news. Vera called and recommended that I take Aldactone in the evening instead of the 20 of lasix. It doesn't zap one's potassium as much as the lasix. So now I'll be on 2 water pills. I told her about my vitals and my water loss yesterday & today. I'll verify all the med doses in the am and recheck my vitals. She sent the new prescription to Walgreens. Cathy called and informed us that we could bring back the broken shower chair & that they's exchange it. So I got my new med and chair. I was able to bathe myself without any neuropathy pain or numbness.

To battle my neuropathy, I attempted to work on my latch hook rug. At first it was awkward but my hands got more control after a while. After dinner, our friend, Ann, came by and massaged my back & arms, then applied another technique, raikie (spelling?), to my back. I'd feel the warmth from her hands, then she applied it to my liver area, then scooped it away @ the end. I hope it works. I did feel better. She had also brought some croissants from a bakery near her apt. I took the only chocolate one and tried to hide it. Jenny made her own chocolate ones by warming it up with Hershey bars inside. It oozed out onto the dining room table & if you know dad, it's a peeve of his, she cleaned it ASAP. I couldn't hold out after hearing her chocolate croissant story and ate mine after warming it up. Thanks Ann for everything.

I pray for my good friend, Preston, may he rest in peace. May his contagious laughter, smile and zest for life and love of his family, friends, coworkers and nursing always be remembered. We all miss you, you're a great man.

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