Monday, September 20, 2010

Just call me "Vampira"

Monday September 20th, 2010

I ended up taking a Tramadol a little after midnight. It did relieve my pain to a point where I did get a more restful sleep but the pain didn't go away 100%, probably down to a 1 out of 10. Dad woke me in time to wash up and throw on some clothes. David brought my wheelchair but left the feet @ home. They had a fun time getting it into dad's trunk so the door would close properly. I was still very sleepyand dizzy from the pain med. Dad's stop & go driving taking local lanes down to UIC in traffic also made me nauseated so I passed the time falling asleep in the car.

Dad dropped us off and I registered @ the desk. They were busy, again I passed time by dozing off, something I never do in public, especially without a headrest. I vote all waiting areas be supplied with recliners. It took almost an hour before my blood was drawn. Then we waited until my vitals were taken and they quickly put me in an exam room. Dr. Mah came to examine me. She asked me how I was feeling, I also told her about the surgeons saying they could remove my left lobe and place a shunt and we made a plan to get the ball rolling to get that done. Vera came in and I showed them the BP machine from home, they wrote a prescription for David to pick up a new one. I tried to take my BP twice & it didn't register on the old one even though we had just changed the batteries. I told them that when it did register, how my BP was low and that I hadn't been taking my Lasix, but I did take it yesterday. I also showed them my bloated belly and they said that, if need be, I could get it drained this week. They informed me that my hemoglobin was low, 8.5, and that I'd be needing a blood transfusion. Maybe that's also why I've been so tired, weak and short of breath lately. We planned to do it today and then I'll get chemo on Wednesday. I want a day off to enjoy my new blood before the chemo destroys it. Also it sounds like they have a very busy Tuesday scheduled already.

Maria, my nurse came and brought us to a room with a bed. It's a good thing because I was still very sleepy. She accessed my portacath and got the type and crossmatch blood sample. It turns out that I'd be getting 2 units of blood. I signed the consent and we waited. David went to get the BP machine and lunch for us. We split a ham and cheese croissant sandwich with "light onions". That thing has so many onions you could smell it a mile away with the container closed. David put his onions in the garbage can and anytime it was opened it reeked. By the time we finished eating, the 1st unit of packed red blood cells came. Again, it's weird being the pt. in the bed with the IV hanging & it's attached to me. We called the family to let them know we'd be there longer than planned. I called Coye and told him to call me "Edward", he was like, "What?" I liked vampires growing up (however I'm for Team Jacob from the Twilight series, go werewolves!) now I'm taking in someone else's blood but not by mouth.

I worked on my latch hook rug, David worked on Soduko puzzles, we tried to get the VCR working but our t.v. didn't cooperate. We enjoyed the conversation from across the hall with the 2 ladies talking about their various family members, they were so LOUD in their conversation. They gave me 40 mg of Lasix in between my transfusions to prevent fluid overload. It did seem to work, I had urinated several times. He left again to get some candy and gossip magazines and to find our dad who came back to get us after my 2nd transfusion was done. Boy was my stomach tight. I was told to take another 20 mg of Lasix when I got home. Vera also gave me a new protein drink, Mocha Cappucino flavored.

We got home and I'm so bloated and my abdomen is tight, and my back is hurting. I told dad that I'll see if they can drain me tomorrow instead of waiting. I had taken the extra 20 of Lasix but I really don't think it did much. I could barely eat dinner. I did move my bowels but I still am very big in my belly, I feel like Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers movies. I hope I can get SOME sleep tonight. Who'd have thought I'd look forward to big needles, but if they cause me relief where I can breathe better, I'll go for it. Wish me luck with the sleep and comfort dept. tonight. UGH! By the way, that new mocha protein drink is YUMMY!

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