Sunday, September 19, 2010

Crampy back

Sunday September 19th, 2010

That's what I've had all friggin' day. OWIE! Massages worked temporarily, plus they tickle; lying in different positions solves it for a while, Wah! Make it go away. GRRR!

I was very tight in my abdomen today too, my blood pressure machine keeps showing my systolic blood pressure lower than 100 and my diastolic blood pressure 74 or below. Do I take the risk and take a Lasix pill to help with the excess fluid? I did and informed my family to keep an eye out for me. I also had a pain in the center of my abdomen, which usually means I'll have to go #2 eventually. Since chemo affects the flora of the GI tract, all the fruit and veggies I eat might not be enough, so I'm still taking Colace to keep me going.

I wish I was feeling better, my friend, Odette, stopped by as well as Dean, a coworker whom I haven't seen in the past few months. I was able to rest for a bit after they left. Then our Aunt Helen and cousin, Viki, stopped by. I always ask if anyone can donate back fat for me. Viki said she would, she noticed how bony my back has become when she massaged it. We worked on the kitty puzzle she gave me earlier this year. Then later in the evening, it was Pay-per-view wrestling and a bunch of other friends and family came by. By the time people started arriving for wrestling, I was tired and my family suggested that I go in the bedroom to try and sleep. I was able to sleep a bit but changed positions mulitple times.

I woke after the wrestling was over to feed my dogs. Now I'm hungry again and nibbled on some wrestling potluck leftovers and a pear. My appetite was small today. I hope I don't need another tap, it's too soon after this last one. I'm going to bring in the blood pressure machine when I go for chemo tomorrow and see if we can compare my vitals to what they get @ UIC, my BP is usually better there. Maybe I need a smaller cuff since my upper arm is skinnier. I'll also see if we can get some other exams scheduled that the surgeons would need, I hope they spoke with each other. I'm going to try and hit the sack again, my chemo appt. is @ 0900 tomorrow. As one coworker told me to say, "Thank you God for the pain, You are the doctor and the medicine." I'd take a Tramadol but that pill makes me dizzy. I'll take it tomorrow during chemo like they did last time. David will be going with us and he can lug me back to the car & into the house.

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