Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hard decisions

Thursday September 16th, 2010

I had a dental appt. today in the Roscoe Village area. I went for just a cleaning. My ususal dentist was off that day, but the one who was covering told me how she went through breast cancer. She had asked if I had a port, which I do. She recommended antibiotics. I had totally forgotten about that, I remembered that those with heart valves issues needed them but I didn't even think about those with shunts or ports. She also gave me Biotene tooth paste & mouthwash, for dry mouths that one can get with chemo. They also recommend alcohol free mouth rinses, I believe ACT has a version because the sensitivity that chemo may cause. If one has ANY mouth problems related to treatment, let your dentist and doctors know.

After the dental appt., I treated dad to lunch @ Nohea, a cafe right across the street. They have good food. I wanted to see if they had chocolate croissants but none were in the display case. I had a chicken salad sandwich, he had a BLT. He was hungry, he ate the whole thing and the side of cole slaw that came with it. They also have pre-packaged goodies which I asked if he wanted to look at. He said, "No." However, I came out of the bathroom, he had his hands on a few items, which he bought. He really liked the place and wants to go back.

We went home, our friend, Viv and her daughter came for a visit. It's been a while since I've seen her, but since we talk quite a bit on the phone, it's like I only saw her yesterday. We spoke of my decision, her sister who's a radiologist and works with cancer pt's agrees with my decision. I know one brother and sister aren't so keen on the idea which we still have to discuss. I informed my nurse practitioner and she agrees with my decision. I just have to call the nurse practitioner in the surgery dept. to get the ball rolling.

Friday September 17th, 2010

Today I was a little productive. Dad & I went to Walgreens and occupied both photo kiosks to develop our pictures. We picked up more Ensure to get me ready for my next round of chemo. I'm not looking forward to it. This Eloxatin has more side affects than the Cisplatin. Is it shrinking my tumor? I don't know but I hope so if I'm going through the rough patches. I'm also in a dilemma, my blood pressure has been less than 100/60 for the past few days but my heart rate has been 128. I haven't been taking my Lasix so I'm worried that I'm putting on fluid quicker. However I haven't noticed any ankle swelling yet. Maybe I should just have caffienated drinks to get the excess fluids out without bottoming myself out with the Lasix.

After Walgreens, I treated dad for lunch for Chinese. I only had the wonton soup, 2 fried wontons and a few pieces of teriyaki beef with chicken fried rice. This Chinese place has the sweet and sour sauce with real fruit bits. Our brother, David, must love that I have a small appetite because that means more leftovers for him. Then we wandered over to Illinois Nails where I've been getting my nails and face waxing done for the past several years. This time my nails are a glittery purple and she made the smiley face on my big toes with white polish and gave them a green nose. They remind me of the Pac Man ghosts.

Later that evening, our friends Lisa, Eric, Jane and their daughter, Marisa, stopped by. Marisa will light up the darkest room with her smile, laughter, and they way she screams @ my dogs, then starts laughing. She reminds us of "Boo" from Monsters, Inc. Her hair was even in the 2 little pigtails on the top of her head. Jenny had Marisa walking and still threatens to eat her, she's so cute. We cooked Tombstone pizzas, another item not on my diet, but I only had one slice. Jane & Eric brought some apple strudels and pecan pastries from Costo. Good stuff. Jane also brought some dark chocolates. It's good to have people over. They understand when my pain is kicking and I have to rest up in my spot, aka. the recliner.

Saturday September 18th, 2010

Today is the day Marie's Mexican grandparents were hosting a late lunch @ their home. I worked on another row of the latch hook rug, I'm trying to get a row done every day, some days it's not possible. We got ready and arrived there around 2:30 pm. Paul brought the Shanghai eggrolls and pancit, so it was a Mexican/Filipino feast. If I wasn't so bloated, I probably could've eaten more. If I didn't have this cancer I would've like to partake in the margaritas and wine that they served. The food was wonderful and bountiful. We polished it off with plenty of good fruit, tres leches cake and later on, for the first time, I was introduced to waffle bowls for ice cream. What a cute idea and edible too. I was in awe. I need to get out more.

Since I still have a hard time sleeping during the night, I hadn't had a nap yet. I was getting really tired and Marie's grandma set me up in a bedroom. The family had gone to play cornhole outside and the tabletop version inside. I woke later to tons of laughter, they were playing Pictionary, including the grandparents. I LOVE that they still heckle the young ones and you can't get mad @ them, it's funny. I joined them downstairs to catch the end of the game. There was a card that had the San Francisco Giants. We're like, aren't they in New York? How old is this game?

We made it home, I have more guests stopping by tomorrow. Better get them in now because I know I'll feel like crap come Monday after chemo. Goodnight for now. I hope I get some shut eye.

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