Monday, December 20, 2010

Bring on the Alternatives

Sorry, I have not written in awhile. I have been experiencing lot of pain lately. Just about 2 weeks ago, the pain was so frequent that I was taking pain medication every time I was allowed. I have some good days in there once in awhile, but they are few. I have asked my brother, Paul, to type up some of my blogs for me. He is in busy with getting ready for the holidays, but I wanted him to get a message out.

Last Friday, I went in for a blood transfusion and my doctor told me that my liver enzymes are at a high level that they will not attempt any more chemo on me. The last time I had chemo was back in October before they put a shunt in me. We all expected that once I healed from that surgery, they would resume chemo. That is not the case now. So, I have to say, “bring on the alternative meds!”.

My cousins, Gemo and Grace from NY, have been sending Guanabana juice to help fight the cancer. I was drinking it sparingly to not counteract any results from the chemo. After Friday’s news, it is now my beverage of choice. I also have to hunt down apricot seeds. They have been highly recommended. There is something in the seeds which is a good cancer fighter. Any other ideas, please send them my way again. (My memory is a little foggy from the pain meds.)

Today, I met with Rainbow hospice for assistance in managing my pain. They will send a nurse out twice a week to take my vitals and a home helper 2x a week to help me bathe and other things (maybe the will help with typing this blog for me ). I know this help is also help for my father, brother, sisters and niece that take care of me the majority of the time.

I went to lunch with my co-workers last week. It was so good to see them all again. I miss going to work everyday and hanging out with everyone (and of course taking care of the patients).

I had a drink! Yes, Jenny's co-worker gave her some homemade ginger beer. I had to try it. It burned going down and tasted like lemonade. The taste did not bother Paul at all, he finished what I did not.

I’ll ask Paul to post more to my blog soon over the next few days after he gets out all our holiday cards.

I am enjoying all the beautiful cards and visitors I am receiving this holiday season. Thank you all very much!

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