Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Busy busy these holidays are

Last week Thursday, 10 of my coworkers came by to visit and to make sure my holidays were going well. 5 in the early afternoon, then another 5 later in the afternoon. I was so thrilled to see all of the before Christmas. Their visit kept my spirits up!

Christmas Eve was enjoyably crazy busy as usual. Jenny makes a delicious turkey for dinner and my whole family celebrates. I think we finished up all the leftovers yesterday with a creamed turkey dish.

Christmas is usually low key at the Vega house, but this year a family friend, Brian, came over, as well as did Chris, Tobi, Justin, and Morgan from Baltimore. It turned out to be yet another big celebration. The family ended up playing the game, “What’s yours like?” They were laughing so loud, that I can to wake from my nap and join in on a round or two. It is a very fun game.

Below is a picture of my father, my sisters, my niece and I on Christmas.

On Sunday, Viv, Vince and Vanessa came for a lovely visit. I was informed that that my godson has an interview with the Naval Academy on Tuesday. I know he will impress them! It was great seeing them, even though I fell asleep on them (from the meds). I am sorry I did that.

Thank you for all the texts and phone calls and emails. I have been extremely drowsy from the meds lately and my vision is not as clear on the meds to be alert enough to answer all your well wishes.

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