Monday, November 22, 2010


Hi y'all,

I've got my mottos to get me through this cancer ordeal. 1) "I'm hanging in there" and 2) "I'm doing the best I can". There are good days and bad days, mostly decent days, but I trudge through them, back massages, human contact is better than the massage chair with the help of meds, a fan to help cool me off & get some circulating air, someone to remind me to relax and coach me into deep breathing and to distract me.
Just a quick recap of my past weekends.

Back on Saturday, November 20, Cathy and Paul escorted me to the Anointing of the Sick mass at St. Edwards. At the mass we sat by Mr & Mrs Yumo. During the mass, at the point of the anointing, Mrs Yumo went up with me. The priest anointed Mrs Yumo and then turned to bless the next parishioner. I had to ask him to anoint me. (What’s up with that.)

Afterwards, they snuck me over to the Boy Scout’s Annual Spaghetti Dinner in the school gym. Jenny Schiller’s son Peter’s troop was sponsoring the dinner. The dinner was delicious. At the dinner, I ran into another St Ed’s alum, Sue Kurtzer. We took a picture that I need to post (amongst many others).

On Saturday, November 27th, if you saw someone that looked like me at Yorktown mall, then you saw me. Adam’s grandmother is a hair stylist there, and I went there to get my hair cut and dyed and styled. Jenny, Paul and Coye, then took me around the mall shopping to get some Christmas and birthday shopping out of the way. They chose to eat at Flat Top Grill (with their super sugary drinks which would cure a diabetic coma) at the other end of the mall. We froze our buns off. It was cold in the outdoors part of the mall.

Then on Sunday, November 28, I joined Lisa’s celebration of her BIG 4-0 (please don’t kill me for announcing your age) birthday at CafĂ© Ba Ba Reeba. The food was yummy. I was so tempted to have some Sangria. It was great to see everyone at such a happy time. I was also happy to see familiar faces at the party and at the bar. It brought back a lot of good memories.

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