Thursday, December 23, 2010

Getting Ready for the Holidays

With a little urging from my siblings to go to the hospital to get drained, I went to the hospital and they drew out 1.8 liters of fluid. (I guess I freaked out my brother when I screamed out that it felt like my tummy was going to rip open.) This sounds like a lot fluid, but without my shunt, this would have been more. So with this “free space” in my abdomen, I plan to fill it up with all the holiday goodies. My cousin, John, sent me another box of Gayety’s chocolates from Lansing , IL. Family friends came over to visit and brought tamales, Ray brought mint brownies, other family friends brought a large tray of cookies. A neighbor dropped by with cookies and fruit cake. Paul just made nut-free prune cake. My lovely co-workers bring treats as they visit, too. Yummy. I am getting hungry writing this.

Here are picture of culprits of some of the delicious goodies.

Currently, I am trying to manage my pain and some of the meds make me real sleepy. So I apologize if I do not pick up your call. My sleep schedule is all over the place. Also, since I called this hospice service, they have been bombarding me with visits from a nurse, a social worker, and a caretaker helper/assistant. So I may be with one of them when you call.

I had a hospice helper come over today and she helped my bathe – ahh! I also have a few more contraptions to help my get in and out of the shower as well as one to help me lift my tuchus (butt) of the pot.

Happy Holidays to all!

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