Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tune up

Tuesday October 5th, 2010

Judy picked me up and brought me to the oncology clinic. I was feeling yucky and had some pain going on in my abd. I had found the rice krispie treats that Paul had made and brought some with along with an Ensure. Judy has also brought some snacks. I waited until AFTER my labs were drawn to eat, I wanted to see what a somewhat fasting sugar level was, I had a strawberry yogurt @ 3am. My level was 125.

They put us in a room with 2 recliners and a shared bathroom. It turned out that my platelets were way low and that I needed a transfusion and they were talking about admitting me but we waited for the rest of the labs to come back in case I needed anything else corrected and if there were more abnormalities, I'd be staying for sure. I was already feeling a little "full" in my belly and remembered how much I was affected by the 2 units of red blood cells. I has asked if I needed Lasix IV, but they said to just take my Lasix tablet when I got home. I also told them how I'm having problems with my bowels and they gave me what was labelled mineral oil but it was a thick white solution. It was NASTY tasting and thick but if it corrects my bowel problems, I'll give it a try. My back was still giving me problems & Judy started to give me a massage. It must've helped because I was able to eliminate from below which also relieved some of the pressure I was having.

I ended up sharing the room with a lady that I had shared a room with before. We shared stories of what our bodies were going through since we last saw each other and wished each other well. Judy snuck out and got us lunch. It takes a while to get blood products. They had prepped me with Tylenol 500 mg and Benadryl 50 mg to prevent any possible reactions with the platelet infusion. I was only able to eat 1/4 th of my sandwich and a few chips. I had already downed one of the K. treats and Ensure earlier. I worked on my rug and got quite a bit done. Judy was catching up on the soap operas finding out who's who from my roommate. I was tired from the Benadryl, but I don't think I slept. The platelets, which are a thick dark yellow product, finally finished around 4:30 pm. Wow, I couldn't believe we were there the whole day. I was able to go home, after getting some refills on my meds and I was actually feeling better. They kept my portacath accessed with the Huber needle in case I needed a 2nd transfusion the following day. I was to come back to the onc. clinic to recheck my platelets, if they were too low, I'd get the 2nd bag, and that might have delayed me getting tapped.

Gabe literally did a "drive by". He came to see me but by then my treatment was done and we were heading out of the parking garage. He met us outside and we found a pay lot across the street. He parked next to Judy and we chatted for a while. His aunt just and another surgery on her foot and he was also on his way to see her as well @ another hospital.

On the way to and from the hospital, Judy & I had some tearful conversations. We made it home and Judy transferred the wheelchair to our dad's car, smart move. She didn't stay for dinner and went back home to her family. Dad had made CHICKEN ADOBO for dinner. Oh, the salt will get me but I will and did suffer for my supper. I love food but this dish is one at the top of my list. I took my Lasix but I don't think it helped. I barely slept and had gotten really short of breath with my belly being so large. My legs felt heavy too when I climbed the stairs to get into the house and even my shirts hurt the area between my ribcage, the area was so tender and stretched.

Wednesday October 6th, 2010

I couldn't wait until my 9am appts. and got dressed around 6:30 am, I don't think I slept. I had moved my bowels, but I strained and got extremely short of breath with back pain. David massaged my back while dad got ready ASAP, took his meds and ate something for breakfast. I was hungry too but just couldn't get my air in I was very swollen in my abdomen. I packed some fruit, soda and extra snacks for later. We got in the car and the shortness of breath started to decrease, sitting up, reclining the seat, whatever it took.

We arrived early and again, I'm glad Judy had already put the wheelchair in dad's car, one less thing we had to do. At the onc clinic Maria used my port to get the lab which saved me a poke in the arm. We got the results from Vera. The platelet count went up to 53 from 23, the day before and we discussed (gonna get personal now) the possibility of me having an anal fissure & not a hemorrhoid. I hope not. I think I have enough problems thus far. Vera wrote for a different topical foam to try back there. Will I have a "moussey" butt? Just thinking, if it's a foam, like hair mousse, how messy is it going to get for my panties? Either way, Walgreens carries the spray but they'll have to order the foam form.

Dad & I skee-daddled over the bridge to the liver clinic where I had to wait for a room to be available in order to get tapped. I was hungry and ate a K. treat and drank an Ensure. I waddled to the bathroom to urinate, I felt that I had to go more but if that's all, I couldn't force it. I waddled back to my wheelchair but the shortness of breath and back pain kicked in. Dad woke from his nap and started to rub my back. Maybe the staff saw my distress and finally got a room for me in the back. Diane assisted me into the bed and helped me recline, I have to be flat for this procedure and again, I was looking forward to being drained, big needles, ticklish pain, weird "sucking" sensations on my insides and all. That final big "pop" with the big needle, meaning the drain is in, is a relief. Dr. Lam, he likes to be called "Way", put the needle in a spot that was kind of tickling as it was draining but I remembered that I had to be relaxed for it to flow properly. As I was able to get my breath back, I was getting sleepy. They drained another 4.6 liters. The nurse trained with portacaths wasn't there that day and they had to start an IV on me and got it on the 2nd try. They gave me a bag of albumin and I dozed while I received that. The usual right back pain and shortness of breath didn't hit me. Maybe I was lucky this time. Reinalda took out the IV but couldn't take the portacath access out. So dad & I made our way back to the onc. clinic, across the street, to get it done.

Vera came and got me from the lobby. She checked my backside for hemorrhoids but she said it wasn't one and to get that foam. She removed the Huber needle too. We discussed more tests prior to surgery. I told her how I still have to contact the surgical NP to confirm the surgery date but I think the anesthesiology NP already did.

We got home & I was tired and slept for about an hour on the couch. I woke to have lunch and the back and abdominal pain and shortness of breath post-procedure found me. ET says, "OUCH!" I quickly took a Tramadol and climbed into the recliner with the heating pad. It took about a half hour but the symptoms subsided. I started by eating an apple then dad made some Ramen noodles. I was able to eat both without pain. Good, 'cuz I felt like Starvin Marvin from South Park.

Joyce & Maya stopped by later with a heated massage pad for the chair for me to try and more Ensure. The pad massages your thighs too = tickles your bum, which I don't have. I'm looking for back fat and other fat donations @ the gathering. It was good to see J&M. I got to see Maya in her school uniform. Cute. I had called Jenny while she was out & about to see if she could pick up some slippers that I can wear socks with, I can't find the ones I brought. Joyce was going to leave me her shoes. She even checked her car but she only had the one pair of shoes. Jenny hadn't gotten my call until she got home but she had a pair here already.

Jenny helped me take a good shower, which rejuvenates me, poops me out, but refreshing none-the-less. Gnarly bed head, go bye, bye.

Thursday October 7th, 2010

I slept around 11pm, woke @ 1am, ate a yogurt, took another pain med and fell asleep again. I woke briefly to see Marie & Jenny off to work and school, respectively. Then went back to sleep until around 9:30 am. I was starving and worried. Where was dad? He's ususally up and about, dressed and in the garden. Tita Lory was already up too. She said that he's still in the bed. I ran in there to check on him AND he was sleeping. WHEW! He said he had gotten up around 3am and was up for a while. I quickly took a pain med and we had breakfast. My back pain was creeping up on me so I ran to my haven, the recliner with the heating pad. I tried working on my electronic address book and was upset that after several entries and I hit the "SAVE" button that nothing saved. GRRR!

I called and left a message for Melissa, the surgical NP, to verify things for next week because my family wants to schedule days off to be there for me and their work schedules. Adam's grandma, Cherie, came by around 11 am and gave me a hair cut. It needed it. Then she saw our dad in the driveway & trimmed him too. Thank you Cherie. I can finally eat ice cream so I had a cup of that with an Ensure poured on top. It was good, but I think I'll stick with milk in my ice cream. My friend, Jenny, came by around noon, to visit and drop papers off for the gathering on Sunday. By then my pain meds were kicking in my sleep mode and Jens had to take care of her dog & pick up her son.

I was too tired to eat lunch. WHAT!?! Believe it or not. I zonked out on the couch for a couple of hours and nibbled on a pear. Yvonne called from the surgical office and let me know that I'm scheduled to be admitted on 10-14, they'll drain my abdomen and I'll be in the hospital during the "staging" process up until the surgery, where they're going to determine further testing and watch me. Then they'll get a better idea what's going to happen and give more details with their findings and then an actual date for the procedure.

Cathy stopped by & brought a special coccyx pad for my bottom. Thank you. I'm starting to get hungry so I'll let you go for now. I hope I don't bore you on my "catch up" blogs. They can be quite long.

We have someone close to us in the hospital, Jenny, battling pnuemonia, can you please send some good vibes and prayers in her direction. Thanks. I'm going to deal with this abdominal pain & try & get some food into me. Good night.

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