Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hospital Visit

I was able to visit Jessie today at the hospital with my wife Mia.

While I wasn't able to see her right after the surgery last Tuesday, she was still in ICU today, but appears to be better. She was able to get around on her own power, and go to the bathroom unassisted.

We chatted for a couple of hours. While we were there, the nurse came in and carried out an order to stop administering her IV.

At least now, if she has to go to the bathroom, she doesn't have to be tethered to an IV.

She is still very sore from the operation; I would be too if I had 16-gauge needle stuck to my wrist, and various incisions still tender and just healing.

Overall, she had an appetite, and wanted to eat some Garrett's popcorn that Paul brought by the other day.

Judy and Kathy came by later, and at that point, we had left.

As far as I understood, there was no word yet however on the plan to move forward with cancer treatments (i.e. should chemo treatment continue? other options?).

Thanks to Judy, I was able to post the video montage that was presented at the benefit.

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  1. i went to visit her last night (sunday) we hung out & watched some tv (paranormal state marathon) some kinda creepy, some kinda sad episodes.

    she explained to me how the shunt works and she seemed more fit and energized than i've seen her in a while.

    she seems to be keeping the hospital staff on their toes too. because she's been moved all around the hospital, they are having a tough time keeping up with her new rooms and all.

    word on the street was that she MIGHT be released today (monday). haven't heard from the family yet, so fingers crossed!