Friday, November 12, 2010

Move that tuchus (butt)

Wednesday November 10, 2010

Today's the day for the blood transfusions. I took a Tramadol with some cereal, I was hoping to avoid the back/stomach pain I usually get when I wake up & try to eat or move my bowels. Dad & I got to the oncology clinic around 9:15 am. So far, so good, no pain. He pulled up to the door in the circular drive & I took the wheelchair & our bags inside. I had registered while he parked the car. I need to get some exercise. Start small & build on it, as tolerated. He arrived and sat with the w/c when they called my name for vitals. I hobbled on over without the w/c. Vera was happy to see me move on my own. I got back to dad & got comfortable to wait for a room to become available. Shortly one did, it had the nice recliner chair but I had to share a bathroom with the pt's in the next room. This one had a tv that had regular channels as well as the VHS player. The tv had great reception, sometimes it's snow while trying to watch regular channels or when the VHS is on.

Before receiving the blood, they gave me Tylenol 1 gm and Benadryl 50 mg by mouth. A 4th year pharmacy student asked if some 2nd year pharmacy students could interview a pt. I said that I don't mind doing so. I miss teaching some of the new nurses, techs, doctors etc., @ the VA. Near the end of the interview with the 5 students, the Benadryl & Tramadol kicked in and I was getting tired, forgetful and was slurriing my words.

Dad then went to get us some lunch. I had requested that 4 berry smoothie, the small size this time and a salad. He returned shortly and boy was the food good. I ate the whole thing. After lunch, I still had another unit of blood to go. Gabe had texted that he could bring me home. I told dad, which was good because dad was falling asleep. By the time the 2nd unit infused, Gabe had just pullled up to the oncology clinic. Since I just received the extra fluid, I had asked Gabe if he wouldn't mind staying @ my dad's for a while & help "pump" me (my shunt), that and also to massage my back in case the severe pain kicked in. He saw how little I ate & that it takes a little longer to get the food inside me. He also got to see my pain exacerbation. The pain hit me around 8 pm. He tried the back massage, we tried the Morphine sulfate orally and he tried pumping. It took more than the 20 min. to 1 hr. and still could not get 100% relief. Judy came home shortly afterwards, after Gabe left, Judy tried her back massage and pumped my stomach.It was a restless and uncomfortable night.

Thursday November 11th, 2010

Coye, Judy, Odette and I went to check out Gilda's Club, the support group that came through fruition from the loved ones of Gilda Radner, the comedian, from Saturday Night Live who was married to Gene Wilder and she had ovarian cancer. There's 2 locations, the one downtown and the one across the street from Illinois Masonic. My siblings and I hope the rest of our family would be able to attend some sessions. My legs were very swollen and I rode in the wheelchair inside, I didn't know how far the path would be to the room. On the way out, I walked back to the car. It was a little cool outside, the sun was shining and helped warm us up. I'm glad because I had worn a nice house dres. Odette, Coye & I ended up having lunch @ Selmarie Cafe in Lincoln Square. We shared the ham & cheese sandwich with the salad with goat cheese. We picked up some pastries before we left, some sugar cookies and chocolate scones. Too much fresh air & good food, I zonked out when we got home.

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