Monday, September 26, 2011

Jessie enjoyed gifts with others

As you all have experienced, Jessie loved to give gifts to others. Jessie was a very sharing person. She relished in the entire experience surrounding the gift. She enjoyed shopping for the gift, wrapping the gift, and watching the excitement and joy of the recipient of the gift as he or she opened the present. And don't forget the photos, the many photos, that were taken during the reception of the gifts.

Jessie also enjoyed the many gifts bestowed upon her by her loved ones. If you ever witnessed her opening gifts, you can recall the extreme length of time that it took her to open her presents. She took her time because she vastly appreciated the generosity and love from her friends and loved ones expressed to her through the physical gifts.

Many of you expressed interests in pictures and videos of her. I wanted to share one of the last times she was able to enjoy this experience which was during Christmas of 2010.


  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful video of Jessie during her last days. It made my heart melt as I gushed with tears. I cherish the precious moments we were able to share the very next day. I remember how she apologized for sleeping...silly girl. She still managed to smile despite her suffering. She is the true definition of HERO, so unselfish and very generous in every way. Love you Jess and miss you so very, very much!!!

  2. Yes - thank you Paul for sharing. It's heart warming to see her essence in this short but sweet video.